Louisiana Compliance Consultants

1651 East 70th St., Suite 322, Shreveport
Website: https://collectla.com/
Phone: 318-524-8008

Our collection agency was created for small business owners exclusively. We understand how much delinquent collection accounts can affect your bottom line. Debt collections are hard enough to absorb by larger industries but to the small business owner they can be devastating! Have you ever wondered why traditional collection agencies are just never successful at returning your money? It’s quite sad and quite simple. Your accounts can not compete with those of larger clients for a collector’s time and efforts. You are not priority. Your accounts get lost in a “sea” of bigger fish to fry. Because of this they never again see the light of day, in other words, they do not get worked! With Louisiana Compliance Consultants our small business clients are “the big fish”, in fact they are the only fish. It is not hard to understand why we are more successful in collection recovery; we’re more successful because we actually work the accounts. We mean it when we say “The difference equals dollars!"

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